July 17, 2018

Evidence for Clobazam Monotherapy Use in Focal, Generalized Seizures Reviewed

The safety and efficacy of clobazam monotherapy in patients with new-onset focal or generalized seizures was investigated in a new Cochrane systematic review.

Researchers searched various databases to identify trials that compared clobazam monotherapy to placebo or another antiepileptic drug in patients with ?2 unprovoked seizures or a single acute symptomatic seizure requiring short-term continuous treatment. Retention time, defined as time on allocated treatment, was set as the primary outcome, while short- and long-term efficacy, tolerability, quality of life, and tolerance measures were considered secondary outcomes.

The researchers identified 3 studies that met the inclusion criteria (N=206), however none of the trials reported on the selected primary outcome. “Lack of detail regarding allocation concealment and a high risk of performance and detection bias in 2 studies prompted us to downgrade the quality of evidence (by using the GRADE approach) for some of our results due to risk of bias,” the authors noted.

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