June 30, 2021

Epilepsy Community at an Inflection Point: Translating Research Toward Curing the Epilepsies and Improving Patient Outcomes

Article, published in Epilepsy Currents


The 2021 Curing the Epilepsies Conference brought together patient advocacy organizations, professional societies, researchers, and clinicians to discuss transformative priorities that could significantly advance research toward cures and improved health outcomes for people with epilepsy. During the three-day conference, key gaps and opportunities were identified and have been summarized in separate editorials from the Epilepsy Research Benchmark Stewards and patient advocacy organizations. Patient advocates identified the following priorities as critical to advancing research on epilepsy, (1) integrating epilepsy care and research; (2) reducing health disparities for underserved communities; (3) improving measurement and tracking of patient outcomes; and (4) establishing national data on burden, incidence, prevalence, and mortality. Key to driving these transformative priorities is the development of a National Plan. This strategic plan would align and integrate basic, translational, clinical, population, and implementation research with the infrastructure, incentives, and resources to put the nation on a path to developing cures and improving the quality of life for every person touched by epilepsy.

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