February 1, 2022

Enhanced Understanding Epilepsy Section Now Available for Epilepsy Community

CURE Epilepsy, with generous support from SK Life Science, Inc., announces more robust epilepsy resources section on CURE Epilepsy website

Chicago, IL (Feb 1, 2022) – CURE Epilepsy today announced a significant expansion of the patient resources section of the CURE Epilepsy website. The update, developed with the generous support of SK life science, provides enhanced content for those living with epilepsy, their caregivers, and family members seeking to learn more about epilepsy.

Included in this content, which has been rebranded “Understanding Epilepsy” is information on epilepsy basics, treatments and therapies, clinical trials, and finding an epilepsy center. One in 26 Americans will be diagnosed with epilepsy in their lifetime, and these resources provide a wealth of material to aid those seeking a better understanding of this condition. When coupled with the rest of the CURE Epilepsy website, those looking to understand their diagnosis will also gain valuable insights into the latest research and discoveries designed to treat and cure epilepsy.

“We are excited to announce the enhanced “Understanding Epilepsy” content of the CURE Epilepsy website. This update further reinforces our ongoing dedication to keeping the community informed on all aspects of epilepsy, from what it is, what are the causes, through to treatments and discoveries on the horizon,” said Beth Dean, CEO of CURE Epilepsy. “We are grateful to SK life science for their generous support, so we can provide those living with epilepsy and their loved ones access to the best educational resources,” Ms. Dean continued.

“At SK life science, we recognize that each and everyone’s fight against epilepsy is different. That’s why we’re so proud to support CURE Epilepsy in providing the epilepsy community with accessible educational resources on epilepsy and ways to manage seizures,” said Louis Ferrari, vice president of medical affairs at SK life science. “We share in CURE Epilepsy’s commitment to empower those living with epilepsy and their loved ones to better understand the condition and hope that these resources will inspire more informed discussions among patients, caregivers and their care teams.”

As the non-profit leader in funding epilepsy research, CURE Epilepsy is well-recognized for showcasing the latest discoveries for both research the organization has funded and sharing other key findings that will lead to cures for epilepsy. With the availability of this additional content which helps arm people with additional knowledge about epilepsy, CURE Epilepsy reinforces their commitment to educating the community about this condition that impacts over 65 million people worldwide.

CURE Epilepsy is committed to updating and refining the content as appropriate to maintain the most up-to-date information for the epilepsy community. This content will help educate the community, empowering people to advocate for themselves and their loved ones.


About CURE Epilepsy

CURE Epilepsy’s mission is to find a cure for epilepsy by promoting and funding patient-focused research. Since its inception over 20 years ago, CURE Epilepsy has raised over $78 million to fund innovative studies to advance its goal of no seizures and no side effects. To date, CURE Epilepsy has funded more than 270 cutting-edge research projects in 17 countries around the world. As the non-profit leader in epilepsy research, CURE Epilepsy is unwavering in its commitment to fund scientific study and accelerate research to reach our goal – a world without epilepsy.

With research there is hope. To learn more, please visit us at CUREepilepsy.org or contact us at info@CUREepilepsy.org. You can also follow us on Facebook at @CUREforEpilepsy, and Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn at @CUREepilepsy.

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