March 13, 2020

Engage Therapeutics Announces Phase 2b StATES Study of Staccato® Alprazolam for Seizure Cessation Meets Primary Endpoint

Engage Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing an orally inhaled therapy designed to terminate an active epileptic seizure, today announced that its Phase 2b StATES study of Staccato® alprazolam met its primary endpoint which was proportion of responders achieving cessation of seizure activity within two minutes of treatment administration and no recurrence within two hours.

“With statistically significant and clinically meaningful Phase 2 results in this randomized, placebo-controlled trial, Staccato alprazolam has demonstrated the ability to rapidly terminate seizures in patients with epilepsy in two minutes or less and prevent recurrence of seizure within two hours,” said Jaqueline French, MD, the study’s principal investigator and professor of neurology and co-director of epilepsy research and epilepsy clinical trials at NYU Langone Health’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and founder/director of the Epilepsy Study Consortium. “We are now one step closer to bringing to patients an EpiPen®-like rescue treatment that works fast enough to terminate an active seizure episode. We look forward to initiating a Phase 3 study in the outpatient setting later this year.”

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