December 6, 2018

Effectiveness and Tolerability of Perampanel in Adolescents and Adults as a First Add-On Therapy: An Observational, Multicenter Study

This study aims to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of Perampanel (PER) used as first add on in non-refractory epilepsy in everyday clinical practice and to study possible synergistic combinations with PER.

This is a multicenter, observational, consecutive and retrospective study, performed in 22 Spanish Hospitals. Inclusion criteria were: (1)patients =12 years old, (2)definite history of focal or idiopathic generalized epilepsy, (3)being treated previously with one or two antiepileptic drugs on monotherapy, (4)patients treated with PER as first-add on therapy.

This real world study demonstrates that PER at low doses and as a first add-on treatment is a good option for patients with focal and generalized epilepsy. PER retention rate at 12 months is high and nearly half of the patients achieve seizure freedom. Most of the AE were mild/moderate and the association with LEV was safe and effective.

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