September 7, 2022

Economic Aspects of Treating Seizure Clusters

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Seizure clusters may initiate a chain of events that have economic as well as clinical consequences. The potential economic consequences of seizure clusters must be weighed against the cost of medication to attenuate them. This is true both for individual patients and for society. Data needed for economic analyses include the chance that a cluster will progress to an adverse outcome, such as a need for emergency care, the costs of such an outcome, the cost of a rescue medication (RM), and the effectiveness of the RM. Indirect costs, such as lost employment for patients and caregivers, must also be considered. Several types of economic analyses can be used to determine costs and benefits of a medical intervention. There are studies comparing different RMs from an economic perspective, but there is little direct information on the costs of using an RM versus allowing clusters to run their course. However, the high expense of consequences of seizure clusters makes it likely that effective rescue medication will make economic as well as medical sense for many patients.