February 3, 2022

CURE Epilepsy Update: February 2022

Greetings CURE Epilepsy community,

Greetings from snowy Chicago!  As we begin February with the unfortunate news from Punxsutawney Phil, we can find sunshine in the opportunity to celebrate Black History Month by honoring those in the Black community for the tremendous impact that they have made. The contributions of Black researchers, clinicians, and caregivers are countless; however, we recognize that there are significant challenges that the Black community faces when it comes to healthcare inequalities and access that must be addressed.

Later this month, on February 14th, we will recognize International Epilepsy Day, honoring the 3.4 million Americans and 65 million people worldwide who are impacted by epilepsy. This day is devoted to spreading awareness of epilepsy and the impact that it has on all of us. It is an opportunity for the entire community to bring epilepsy out of the shadows by using it as a platform for conversation. Epilepsy is the 4th most common neurologic disease behind stroke, migraine and Alzheimer’s disease, but remains hidden behind stigma. Let’s each commit to doing one thing to raise awareness. Post on Facebook. Share a CURE Epilepsy post on Instagram. Talk to a neighbor. Tell a trusted friend. Buy a car magnet from our new CURE Epilepsy Store and put it on your car! Big or small, commit to doing one thing to advocate for those living with epilepsy.

While we celebrate International Epilepsy Day one day a year, it is the focus of my amazing team at CURE Epilepsy EVERY DAY. Every day, we remain steadfast in advancing our mission to fund patient-focused research that will result in a cure for the 65 million people worldwide who live with epilepsy. And we look forward to the day where International Epilepsy Day can be removed from calendars because we finally have a cure. At CURE Epilepsy, we believe a world free of epilepsy, as well as racism, hate, and systemic inequality is possible. Our vision is clear: a world without epilepsy. For everyone. Period.

Through research there is hope.

Cheers to a new year filled with health and happiness

In this CURE Epilepsy Update, please find information on:

Enhanced Understanding Epilepsy Section on Our Website for the Epilepsy Community
Learn More

We are delighted to announce that we have significantly expanded the patient resources section of our website and rebranded to “Understanding Epilepsy.” The update, developed with the generous support of SK Life Science, Inc., provides enhanced content for those living with epilepsy, their caregivers, and family members seeking to learn more about epilepsy. With access to this content, those within the community will have additional educational resources that will inspire more informational discussions among patients, caregivers, and their teams. Learn more

Shop the New CURE Epilepsy Store
Shop here

Exciting news! The CURE Epilepsy Store is open. Now you can purchase CURE Epilepsy branded apparel, accessories, and more to show your support for CURE Epilepsy and help raise awareness about the need to find a cure for epilepsy and the importance of research. Shop here

International Epilepsy Day
Read more

This year, International Epilepsy Day falls on February 14th – Valentine’s Day! Join us in recognizing the 65 million people globally who are affected by epilepsy and help spread awareness by sharing information about epilepsysharing your storydonating to find a curestarting your Facebook Fundraiser, or something else that makes a difference for you. Add your voice to the international community of people impacted by epilepsy by using the hashtag #EpilepsyDay on social media. Learn More

What’s New from the Seizing Life® Podcast
Watch or Listen

Catch up on the latest episodes of our Seizing Life podcast, where you will hear:

  • Lacey Smith from Boston Children’s Hospital discuss genetic testing and counseling for epilepsy. How can it help individuals dealing with epilepsy and their family members? And furthermore, what does it mean for the future of epilepsy research and treatments? Listen or watch
  • Julianna Shinnick discuss traveling to Mahenge, Tanzania to help fight against the social stigma surrounding epilepsy, what happened when people with epilepsy started working within the community, and why the epilepsy rate in Mahenge is drastically higher than it is in the United States. Listen or watch

Please mark your calendar for some key dates in the epilepsy community:

  • February 14 – International Epilepsy Day
  • February 28 – Rare Disease Day
  • March 26 – Purple Day®
  • May 15 – TSC Global Awareness Day
  • June 23 – International Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day
  • October 23 – SUDEP Action Day
  • November 1 – International LGS Awareness Day
  • November – Epilepsy Awareness Month
  • December 1-7 – Infantile Spasms Awareness Week

Do you have a story that you want to tell about how epilepsy has impacted your life, your family, or your community? Please share your epilepsy truth on our website.

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