October 7, 2020

CURE Update: Thank You for Your Enduring Support

Greetings CURE community,

Before I share all the exciting news from CURE, I want to thank everyone in the community for your ongoing support during what has been a challenging year.

On Thursday, September 24, the epilepsy community came together for Unite to CURE Epilepsy: Tenacity. Discovery. Hope. Your participation in this event helped us achieve our goal of raising over $1.7 million. Your commitment to CURE will allow us to drive science forward by funding innovative research, and ultimately achieving our vision of a world without epilepsy.

As we move into October, we turn our attention to SUDEP Action Day on October 23. Don’t miss all the activities that CURE will have the week leading up to October 23 providing insight into SUDEP, research advancements that were funded by CURE, and more. We also have an exciting opportunity to have your voice heard by sharing your ideas on the future of epilepsy research with NINDS.

Learn about these opportunities and more in this month’s update:

Be well,

Beth Lewin Dean

Beth Lewin Dean, CEO

SUDEP Action Day, October 23 - Logo

SUDEP Action Day: #SpeakUp2SaveLives

Learn More

SUDEP Action Day is a global event whose purpose is to educate the epilepsy community and beyond about the risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). Join CURE throughout the week leading up to Friday, October 23 for important information about SUDEP from researchers, community members, and more. And please encourage your friends and family to #SpeakUp2SaveLives.

A woman breathing into a respiratory device next to her doctor.

Webinar: Breathing and SUDEP: Research & the Influence of Seizures on the Respiratory System


SUDEP is a devastating potential outcome of epilepsy that impacts approximately 1 in 1,000 adults and children living with epilepsy every year. In our webinar on Friday, October 23 at 1:00pm CT, gain a better understanding of how our respiratory system functions, the possible relationship of breathing dysfunction to SUDEP, and potential ways to intervene and prevent SUDEP.

Our Leaders in Epilepsy Research Webinar Series is made possible by the generous support of the BAND Foundation

Epilepsy Research Benchmarks: Your Ideas and Feedback Needed

Give Your Thoughts

Every seven years stakeholders from across the world of epilepsy come together to review and adjust the Epilepsy Research Benchmarks, which inform our collective research priorities. Right now, NINDS is seeking input from clinicians, patients, and families alike on research priorities to address gaps and add additional nuance to these benchmarks.

Help pave the way for the next five to seven years of epilepsy advances.

Survey: Anxiety and Depression in People with Epilepsy

English | Spanish

Physicians at Northwestern University’s Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry are working to understand the best approach to treating depression and anxiety in people with epilepsy. If you have epilepsy or are a caregiver, or a physician for someone with epilepsy, please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey in either English or Spanish.

Catching up with CURE Grantee Dr. Heather Mefford

Learn More

Dr. Heather Mefford, a recent CURE Epilepsy Grantee, treats pediatric patients living with severe epilepsy syndromes and also heads a research lab at University of Washington.

In her CURE funded research, she is applying a new field of research, epigenetics, to epilepsy. Her study is researching genetic-based outcomes to help improve the prognosis for those with developmental and epileptic encephalopathies, a treatment-resistant epilepsy. Learn more to see about this promising approach to research that could lead to better treatments.

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Save The Date: Kendra Scott Teams Up to Raise Money for CURE

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Looking for a holiday present that both delights and gives back? Then you won’t want to miss the Kendra Scott + CURE “Give Back” event. Purchase any Kendra Scott item online on November 5-6 using the code GIVEBACK00CA and CURE will receive 20% of the proceeds.

This is an exciting opportunity to buy gifts for yourself or loved ones and help fund the incredibly important epilepsy research CURE does.

Upcoming CURE Events

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Dive into the latest episode of Seizing Life where we explore:

  • Epilepsy Surgery: Hear or watch what you should know about brain surgery for epilepsy from both the patient and physician perspective.

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