June 17, 2020

Clinical Factors Associated with Suicide Risk Independent of Depression in Persons with Epilepsy

Summary, published on MDLinx

In individuals with epilepsy, researchers assessed if epilepsy-related factors are correlated with suicide risk independent of depression. Participants in the cross-sectional study were adults (n = 212; 52.4% men) with epilepsy. Study participants were divided into two age groups (under 40 vs over?40 years). The risk of suicide was reported in 31.6% of candidates, while risk of depression was reported in 22.2% of candidates. Independent of depression and a past or family history of psychiatric disorders, there was a significant link between an antiepileptic drug load greater than one and suicide risk. Independent of current depression, use of pregabalin (Lyrica®) in the younger group and frequent seizures in the older group were associated with a risk of suicide.

The risk of suicide in people with epilepsy may be linked to epilepsy-related factors such as high antiepileptic drug load, frequent seizures (over one per month), and pregabalin use, regardless of depression. Such risk factors can vary according to the patient’s age.

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