November 21, 2019

Children with Early Onset of Febrile Seizures May Be at Heightened Risk for Cognitive Dysfunction

Experts intended to examine cognitive functioning in 4-5-year-old children who had encountered febrile seizures (FS) and to evaluate the significance of complex, recurrent and early compared with late-onset FS. Drawn from the general child population of 4-year-old children attending their health check-up at child healthcare centers in Gothenburg, Sweden, the sample comprised of 73 children, screen positive for FS.

It was discovered that children with early onset of FS and especially those with recurrent FS may be at heightened risk for poorer verbal and processing speed functioning and hence at risk of acquiring cognitive, executive dysfunctions. Moreover, they would probably profit from neuropaediatric and neuropsychological follow-up.

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