August 15, 2023

A Review on Epilepsy, Current Treatments, and Potential of Medicinal Plants as an Alternative Treatment

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Epilepsy is considered common neurological diseases that threaten the lives of millions of people all around the world. Since ancient times, different forms of medications have been used to treat this condition. Adverse events associated with treatments and the residence time of available drugs caused to search for safer and more efficient therapies and drugs remain one of the major areas of research interest for scientists. As one of the therapeutics with fewer side effects, plants and their essential oils can be considered replacements for existing treatments. Medicinal plants have proven to be an effective natural source of antiepileptic drugs; most of them have their mechanism of action by affecting GABA receptors in different paths. Cannabis indica and Cymbopogon winterianus are well-known plant species with antiepileptic activities. The current review presenting a list of plants with antiepileptic effects aims to pave the way for finding alternative drugs with fewer side effects for scientists.