February 26, 2019

A Neuropsychological Model for the Pre-Surgical Evaluation of Children with Focal-Onset Epilepsy: An Integrated Approach

This review explores the complexities of pre-surgical neuropsychological assessment for children with focal-onset epilepsy. A model is proposed outlining a range of factors that potentially influence the neuropsychological formulation. These factors include a developmental, epilepsy, psychological and cognitive dimension, together with family and social context and intrinsic factors. This model is child-centered and recognizes that these factors will be weighted differently for each individual. In some instances the neuropsychological profile might suggest localized and lateralized function, but there are significant limitations to this approach in the context of the contemporary view of epilepsy as a network disorder.

This review recognizes that a range of issues impact on neuropsychological function in children with focal-onset epilepsy, including the connectivity between neural systems and the dynamic nature of development. The aim of this review is to provide a neuropsychological framework to enhance and support clinical decision-making in the pre-surgical evaluation of children with focal-onset epilepsy.

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