Dr. Laura Lubbers

Dr. Laura Lubbers, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Laura Lubbers brings more than 20 years of research experience to her position of Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at CURE Epilepsy. Prior to joining CURE Epilepsy, she spent 15 years in a large pharmaceutical company as a drug discovery scientist. As CURE Epilepsy’s CSO, she is responsible for developing the organization’s research strategy, and overseeing and implementing all research programs which seek to cure epilepsy, not just treat the symptoms. She also contributes to educational activities to increase awareness of epilepsy. Dr. Lubbers holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiology, as well as a MS and PhD in Veterinary Biosciences from The University of Illinois, Urbana.

Importantly, Dr. Lubbers’ sister suffered from intractable epilepsy. Her sister Ellyn was born with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), which caused her to have seizures starting at 3 months of age. The impact of epilepsy on her sister and family inspired her to transition to CURE Epilepsy. Watch their story.

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