Innovator Award

Time-Resolved Wide-Band Analysis Of EEG Using The Damped-Oscillator Oscillator Detector (DOOD)

David Hsu, MD, PhD - Gregory Worrell, MD, PhD
University of Wisconsin Madison/Mayo Clinic

Brief, high frequency EEG oscillations appear to mark areas of brain that are important in generating seizures. However, it is very time-consuming to identify these oscillations visually. Drs. Hsu and Worrell have developed a computer algorithm to detect these oscillations automatically. Their method is similar to how the human ear picks out sound tones, i.e. oscillations, with high time and frequency resolution. In a collaboration between the University of Wisconsin and Mayo Clinic, Drs. Hsu and Worrell will develop this algorithm for use in epilepsy surgery. If successful, people who undergo epilepsy surgery for refractory epilepsy will have a better chance of becoming seizure-free.


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