CURE Epilepsy Research Continuity Fund

Targeting Epileptogenic Effects of Subarachnoid Blood in TBI

Jeff Loeb, MD, PhD
University of Illinois-Chicago

In this project, Dr. Loeb and his team are focusing on the role of subarachnoid bleeding in epileptogenesis following traumatic brain injury. This kind of bleeding occurs when there is blood between the brain and the protective tissue surrounding it. Dr. Loeb’s team has developed a comprehensive approach in humans and animal models to explore early indicators of epileptogenesis following subarachnoid bleeding. This approach can help build a body of knowledge and data on the development of post-traumatic epilepsy and pave the way for new understanding of mechanisms and treatments.

Dr. Loeb is funded by CURE Epilepsy. The additional funding from the CURE Epilepsy Research Continuity Fund will support staff and essential studies, so that the team can continue this project.