Taking Flight Award

Simultaneous Electrocorticography And Optical Signal Recording Of Seizures In Free-Moving Rats With Implantable Devices

Hongtao Ma, PhD
Weill Cornell Medical College

Up to 40% of individuals with epilepsy continue to have seizures. To improve the treatment of these individuals, Dr. Ma developed a new imaging technique that can provide high resolution mapping of the seizure focus to guide the neurosurgeon during surgery. The CURE-funded research will focus on the relationship between the electrical aspect of seizure onset and spread of the seizures to other brain areas, as well as the changes in blood flow in the brain associated with seizures; both in the seizure focus and the surrounding normal brain. The new information provided by such a device, if used in clinical practice, could create a new paradigm in epilepsy mapping and dramatically increase the efficacy of surgery. Dr. Ma will also study the ability of the device to predict seizure onset before it begins and provide stimulation to the brain area to stop seizures.


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