Innovator Award, Funded by the Vivian L. Cotton Award

Reprogramming NG2 Glial Cells Into Inhibitory Neurons In An Epilepsy Model

Akiko Nishiyama, MD, PhD
University of Connecticut

NG2 glial cells are non-neuronal cells that are widely distributed in the adult brain. Their primary role is to generate oligodendrocytes that make myelin to allow fast conduction of electrical signals, but they also communicate with neurons in the neural network. Dr. Nishiyama has found that NG2 cells can be reprogrammed to become inhibitory interneurons in culture by a transcription factor. The goal of this project is to test the potential of local NG2 glial cells as a source of functionally active interneurons in the seizure environment using a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy.


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