Prevention of Acquired Epilepsies Awards, Funded by the Brighter Future Award

Prevention Of Acquired Epilepsy Through An Epigenetic Intervention

Detlev Boison, PhD
Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center

New findings suggest that chemical changes introduced into the DNA of nerve cells, such as increased DNA-methylation, play a fundamental role in supporting those processes that lead to the development of epilepsy. Once those chemical alterations are established, they contribute to the maintenance and worsening of epilepsy. This grant is based on our discovery that adenosine – an endogenous anticonvulsant of the brain – also reduces DNA-methylation, and thereby has the potential to reverse DNA modifications in the epileptic brain. Using a mouse model of acquired epilepsy we will establish a new treatment paradigm to make therapeutic use of a transient dose of adenosine with the goal to prevent the development of epilepsy long-term.


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