Pilot In Silico Mortality Risk Attribution In SUDEP And Sudden Death In The Young (SUDY) To Inform Precision Molecular Diagnostics Of Sudden Death

Alica Goldman, MD, PhD - Tara Klassen, PhD - Torbjorn Tomson, MD, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine

Sudden unexpected death in the young (SUDY) is the tragic mortality affecting otherwise healthy individuals. It includes sudden death in epilepsy (SUDEP), sudden infant death (SIDS), and sudden cardiac death (SCD) syndromes and there are overlapping candidate mechanisms that seem to converge on cardiac, respiratory or autonomic (cra) pathways in all of these. We will perform whole genome sequencing on DNA samples from patients that died of SUDEP, SCD, and SIDS to understand the genomic variation in cardiac, respiratory or autonomic pathways and we will use bioinformatic analyses to understand the point of overlap in these genetic networks. The results of this work will inform models for risk prediction in SUDEP and in SUDY overall.


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