Multidisciplinary Awards

Pediatric Epilepsy Database Consortium

Douglas Nordli, MD - William Gaillard, MD - Helen Cross, MD, PhD
Children’s Memorial Hospital George Washington University Medical School

Dr. Nordli is leading an effort to create a database consortium of pediatric epilepsy centers. The centers, in Chicago, Washington, DC, and London, accumulate and track standardized information about children with epilepsy. Data are collected from medical charts, deidentified, and entered into a secure web-based database. By collecting and sharing the medical histories of a large number of children with epilepsy, it is hoped that treatment for those with difficult-to-treat epilepsy can be greatly improved. Dr. Nordli’s team hopes to learn which patients go into remission, and what medications may have aided in recovery. In addition, the consortium will provide the data for comparative clinical studies to help all children with epilepsy.


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