CURE Epilepsy Research Continuity Fund

Neuromodulation to Restore Conscious Decision-Making During Seizures

Jason Gerrard, MD, PhD
Yale University

Impaired consciousness in epilepsy has numerous adverse effects, including motor vehicle accidents, injuries, poor work and school performance and social stigmatization. For the one-third of epilepsy patients with treatment-resistant seizures this has a tremendous impact on quality of life, morbidity and even mortality. The development of novel therapeutic techniques to prevent seizures and ictal loss of consciousness would provide an important new treatment option. Dr. Gerrard’s research project aims to test the ability of a new neuromodulation therapy to preserve conscious decision-making behavior during seizures. If successful, this new therapy will be translated into clinical trials.

Dr. Gerrard’s study is funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Dr. Gerrard will use the CURE Epilepsy Research Continuity Fund to support staff and replace laboratory resources lost due to COVID-19 shutdowns. The funding will allow them to continue this important work of eventually bringing novel therapeutic options to people with treatment-resistant epilepsy.