Catalyst Award

iPSC-Derived Hypoimmunogenic Human Migratory Cortical Interneurons to Treat Intractable Epilepsy

Sangmi Chung, PhD
New York Medical College

Dr. Sangmi Chung’s team recently conducted studies showing that transplanting cells called cortical interneurons into the brains of mice with epilepsy efficiently suppressed seizures and associated comorbidities. Cortical interneurons are cells that typically inhibit excitatory signals in the brain. For their CURE Epilepsy Catalyst project, the team will conduct key studies needed to advance this promising therapy toward clinical applications. These include studies to 1) determine the minimal dose of cells needed to control seizures and 2) determine the best location in the brain where cells can be transplanted for optimal seizure control.


This grant is a Robert Withrow Wier Grant.