Taking Flight Award

IGF-1 Signaling In Posttraumatic Epileptogenesis

Yevgeny Berdichevsky, PhD
Lehigh University

Traumatic brain injury activates complex molecular signals in surviving neurons. Some of these signals are thought to cause posttraumatic epilepsy. This project relies on high-throughput bioengineering methods to identify the precise roles that these signaling molecules play in the development of epilepsy. To further CURE’s mission of achieving No Seizures/No Side Effects, we will: 1), design and optimize antiepileptic treatments that inhibit multiple signaling nodes at appropriate times, and 2), use high-throughput methods to discover other signaling pathways that are involved in epileptogenesis and that may be effective drug targets. Our goal is to find a combination of signaling pathways that could be inhibited for complete prevention of epilepsy with minimal side effects.


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