Innovator Award, Funded by the Team S4 Award

Exosomes As Carriers Of Circuit Alterations In Epilepsy

Angelique Bordey, PhD
Yale University

This research aims at gaining novel insights into the biological processes that lead to cognitive deficits and psychiatric problems in children with epilepsy. More specifically, this work will examine whether the transfer of small vesicles (called exosomes) between abnormal brain cells leads to changes in the surrounding brain wiring. We will focus on abnormal “epileptic” neurons, like those found in focal cortical dysplasia and tuberous sclerosis complex, and will examine whether these cells alter the structure or electrical activity of healthy, neighboring neurons through the release of exosomes. If exosomes released from “epileptic” neurons do alter the function of healthy neurons, this would open up an entirely new field of epilepsy research.


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