The Catalyst Award

Adenosine Kinase Inhibitors for Antiepileptogenic Therapy

Detlev Boison, PhD
Rutgers University

Epilepsy prevention is the ultimate goal in therapy development. In 25 years of research, Dr. Boison’s team found that a pathological reduction in adenosine, which is the brain’s own seizure terminator, not only triggers epileptic seizures, but also is a key factor in the development and progression of epilepsy. Therefore, increasing adenosine in the brain is a logical approach for the prevention of epilepsy. Therapeutic increases in adenosine can most effectively be achieved by using a drug, which blocks the major adenosine removing enzyme, adenosine kinase (ADK).

This project builds on a prior CURE-funded and published study, in which the team demonstrated robust epilepsy prevention in mice through the use of a small molecule ADK inhibitor. Our goal in this project is to optimize and test a new epilepsy preventing drug, which meets criteria for future clinical development. The development of such a disease-modifying therapy would likely transform our treatment options for epilepsy.


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