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Thanks to the support of our donors, CURE-funded research has produced extraordinary results.

A Potential Biomarker for Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Dr. Annamaria Vezzani and her team at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, Italy identified a potential biomarker in blood that could help predict which patients are at risk of developing epilepsy after a head injury. This research has the potential to be built upon to prevent seizures from occurring in these vulnerable patients.

New Hope for Uncontrollable Pediatric Epilepsy Cases

CURE Grantee Dr. Mingshan Xue softly smiles in a lovely outdoor space.With a CURE Grant honoring Felix Henry, Dr. Mingshan Xue and his team at Baylor College of Medicine discovered a potential genetic cause of certain severe pediatric epilepsies which result in treatment-resistant seizures, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities. Gaining a greater understanding of what causes these epilepsies in this research model opens the door to developing new targeted therapies.

A Potential Genetic Cause for Sudden Death in Children

Dr. Annapurna Poduri of Boston Children’s Hospital uncovered a potential link between an epilepsy-associated gene and sudden death in children, laying the foundation for strategies to help prevent these tragic deaths. This research was funded by a CURE Grant made possible with help from the Isaiah Stone Foundation.