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Thanks to the support of our donors, CURE-funded research has produced extraordinary results.

A Potential Genetic Cause for Sudden Death in Children

Dr. Annapurna Poduri of Boston Children’s Hospital uncovered a potential link between an epilepsy-associated gene and sudden death in children, laying the foundation for strategies to help prevent these tragic deaths. This research was funded by a CURE Grant made possible with help from the Isaiah Stone Foundation.

New Hope for Uncontrollable Pediatric Epilepsy Cases

CURE Grantee Dr. Mingshan Xue softly smiles in a lovely outdoor space.With a CURE Grant honoring Felix Henry, Dr. Mingshan Xue and his team at Baylor College of Medicine discovered a potential genetic cause of certain severe pediatric epilepsies which result in treatment-resistant seizures, developmental delays, and intellectual disabilities. Gaining a greater understanding of what causes these epilepsies in this research model opens the door to developing new targeted therapies.

A Potential Biomarker for Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Dr. Annamaria Vezzani and her team at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, Italy identified a potential biomarker in blood that could help predict which patients are at risk of developing epilepsy after a head injury. This research has the potential to be built upon to prevent seizures from occurring in these vulnerable patients