Understanding and Coping with the Risks of SUDEP

Thursday, November 15, 2018
University of Rochester Medical Center, Elmwood Avenue, Rochester
Speaker: Cynthia Harden, MD (Mount Sinai)
Host: David S. Auerbach, PhD
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SUDEP Family Panel, who provided excellent perspectives into the impact of losing a child due to SUDEP (L-R): Beth KcKeown, Steve McKeown, Tammy Johannes, Jeanne Donalty.

This was an exciting event which brought together health care providers, researchers, and advocacy groups to advance our understanding of SUDEP. The event welcomed patients and families living with the risks of SUDEP, and coping with the loss of a family member due to SUDEP.

The seminar features scientific and medical experts on various proposed causes for SUDEP, and new seizure detecting technologies. Dr. Cynthia Harden spoke on the practice guidelines for SUDEP incidence and risk factors, which she developed.

The program included:

  • Understanding and Coping with the Risks of SUDEP, which will teach you how to discuss SUDEP with your doctor
  • Guidelines for Assessing the Risks of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), presented by Dr. Harden.
  • A presentation on NYS Legislation for Reporting of SUDEP (Senate Bill S2422)
  • A panel discussion by parents who lost a child to SUDEP

CURE’s Frontiers in Research Seminar Series is made possible by the generous support of¬†Nussenbaum-Vogelstein family.


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