The Indisputable Dawn of Precision Medicine in Epilepsy

Friday, February 9, 2018
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, City Avenue, Filadelfia
Speaker: Dan Lowenstein, MD (University of California, San Francisco)
Host: Jocelyn Lippman-Bell, PhD

Talk Summary

Despite remarkable advances in basic and clinical neuroscience, and the introduction of many new pharmacological treatments, the overall impact of care for patients with epilepsy has not significantly changed for the past 50 years – until now.

Our increasing ability to define the “Knowledge Network” that includes the multi-layered determinants of health and disease in large populations is beginning to translate into more and more precise, individualized diagnostics and therapeutics. In epilepsy, genetics is leading the way, but this is only the dawn of what will, thankfully, be a new era in our ability to treat and eventually cure patients with epilepsy and other brain network disorders.