STXBP1 Investigator and Family Meeting

Friday, June 21, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
Chair(s): Beverly Davidson, PhD, Ingo Helbig, MD, Anne Johnson and Charlene Son Rigby, MBA
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The inaugural STXBP1 Investigator and Family Meeting will bring together researchers and families of individuals with STXBP1 encephalopathies, foster development of the STXBP1 community and accelerate the search for a cure. STXBP1 has become one of the more commonly diagnosed genetic causes of epileptic encephalopathy in children, accounting for 5% of positive epilepsy cases in a recent study.

This conference is designed to foster interaction and in-depth discussions among researchers and clinicians to further research and innovation in this field. The meeting will also provide opportunities for researchers and the patient community to connect. The goal is to develop a research strategy and scientific roadmap for the STXBP1disorder, and to encourage collaborations and initiatives to support achievement of the roadmap and advancement in the field.

Registration and location details will be announced soon.


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