Status Epilepticus Research: My Adventures

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
Speaker: Jaideep Kapur, MD, PhD (University of Virginia)
Host: Manisha Patel, PhD

Talk Summary

The goal of this talk is to highlight importance of novel scientific approaches and team science in epilepsy research. Changing focus from the role GABA -mediated inhibition to AMPA mediated excitatory transmission allowed us to use novel brain mapping techniques and genetic tools to gain novel insights into pathophysiology of status epilepticus.

In an effort to improve patient care, we organized a large, 60 -site clinical trial to investigate treatment of benzodiazepine-refractory status epilepticus, called Established Status Epilepticus Treatment Trial (ESETT). Organization and execution of such a large study required participation of a multidisciplinary team consisting of adult and pediatric ED physicians, adult and pediatric neurologists, trial design experts, biostatisticians , database experts, pharmacists and pharmacologists, and most importantly clinical research coordinators. Team science is critical to improving patient outcomes.