Michael A. Rogowski, MD/PhD on Role of AMPA Receptors in Epilepsy and as a Target for Antiseizure Medications

Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Texas A&M University College of Medicine
Speaker: Michael A. Rogowski, MD/PhD at Texas A&M University College of Medicine
Host: D. Samba Reddy, PhD/RPh

Dr. Rogawski will discuss on five key aspects of glutamate-based neurotherapeutics: (1) ionotropic glutamate receptors, (2) the function of AMPA receptors in excitatory synaptic transmission, (3) the role of AMPA receptors in focal and generalized seizures, (4) the mechanism of action of the antiseizure medication perampanel as a noncompetitive AMPA receptor blocker, and (5) the use of perampanel in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy.

This seminar is generously supported by the Nussenbaum-Vogelstein Family.