International Epilepsy Day 2023

Monday, February 13, 2023

Every year on the second Monday of February people join together for International Epilepsy Day, to celebrate and highlight the problems faced by people with epilepsy, their families, and caregivers. This year will focus on the stigma experienced by individuals with epilepsy around the world.

The stigma surround epilepsy is one of the many reasons CURE Epilepsy created our Say the Word #SayEpilepsy campaign. We can’t fund research to find a cure for, raise awareness about, or fight the stigma against epilepsy if we don’t use the word. Learn more about this campaign here.

Join CURE Epilepsy and the epilepsy community around the globe in raising funds for research and spreading epilepsy awareness on International Epilepsy Day.



Spread Awareness on Social Media

65 million people worldwide are affected by epilepsy. One way to show your friends, family, and followers why finding a cure for epilepsy is so urgent is to share these images to your social media, or your own story, and use the hashtag #EpilepsyDay to add your voice to the conversation:

65 million people worldwide currently live with epilepsy

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3 in 10 cases don’t respond to medication

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1 in 26 Americans will develop epilepsy in their lifetime

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3.4 million Americans have epilepsy


Donate on Facebook

Donate to CURE Epilepsy’s Facebook fundraiser where we are working to raise $6,500 by the end of International Epilepsy Day to help fund critical epilepsy research! Don’t want to donate through Facebook, but still want to make a gift? Donate on our website here.

Set Up Your Own Facebook Fundraiser

Ask your Facebook friends to help you fund a cure for epilepsy. Share why raising funds for epilepsy research is so critical and encourage people to donate! Set up your fundraiser now.