Harnessing Metabolism to Treat Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

Monday, November 12, 2018
University of Cape Town, UCT Medical Campus Reception, Anzio Rd, Observatory
Speaker: Chris Dulla, PhD
Host: Joseph Raimondo, MBChB, MSc, DPhil

Dr Dulla’s lab focuses on the molecular and cellular underpinnings of epilepsy, with a particular emphasis on injury, astrocytes, and glutamate. Using a combination of advanced imaging approaches, genomics, and electrophysiology, the Dulla Lab studies the progression of epilepsy. His current work aims to use metabolic modulation of neuronal excitability to tackle pathologies linked to brain injury.

Dr Dulla will outline his experiments into inhibiting glycolysis after brain injury to prevent the loss of inhibitory GABAergic neurons. He will also describe novel single cell transcriptomics approaches that may shed light on how we might harness metabolism to prevent post-traumatic epilepsy.


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