Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on the Mechanisms of Epilepsy and Neural Synchronization

Sunday, August 19, 2018
Mount Snow, Somerset, VT
Chair(s): Amy Brooks-Kayal, MD and Christophe Bernard, PhD

Conference Overview

The overall aim of this Gordon Research Conference (GRC) is to bring together established and early career researchers, students, and postdoctoral fellows for 5 days in an intensive, interactive environment to present and discuss state-of-the-art, unpublished findings related to basic mechanisms of epilepsy, current translational studies and synchronization of neuronal activity in cerebral networks.
The conference is designed to involve extensive discussion, and the environment is specifically geared towards fostering interactions between graduate students/post-docs and established researchers, and to facilitate intense in-depth discussions and generate collaborations between investigators in the interest of furthering the field.
The specific theme of this GRC is “Translating mechanisms into therapies” and the conference will focus on how basic science discoveries can be effectively utilized to develop new therapies to prevent, better treat and cure epilepsy. Epilepsy research is inherently interdisciplinary, and the conference will bring together geneticists, molecular biologists, developmental neuroscientists, neuroanatomists, electrophysiologists, clinician-scientists and computational neuroscientists working on the full spectrum of epilepsy research from studies of basic mechanisms through preclinical and human research.