Critical Care EEG Monitoring: A Practical Update

Friday, January 5, 2018
Boston Children's Hospital, Longwood Avenue, Boston
Speaker: Lawrence Hirsch, MD (Yale University)
Host: Louis N. Manganas, MD, PhD

Talk Summary

Dr. Hirsch will provide an update in diagnosing and managing seizures, including nonconvulsive ones, and related EEG patterns in critically ill patients. This talk will benefit any member of the health care team involved in inpatient care of patients with altered mental status, including MDs, nurses, PA’s, APRNs, and EEG technologists.


  • To learn which patients are at risk of nonconvulsive seizures and warrant EEG monitoring
  • To learn how to understand EEG reports and which findings require urgent or aggressive treatment
  • To learn how to treat clinical and nonconvulsive seizures in the critically ill most effectively.