19th Advanced San Servolo Epilepsy Course

Monday, July 17, 2023 - Friday, July 28, 2023
San Servolo, Venice, Italy
Chair(s): Stephane Auvin, MD, PhD, Carla Marini, MD, PhD, Angel Aledo Serrano, MD, Lucia Fusco, MD, Hans Hartmann, MD, Rima Nabbout, MD, PhD, Ronit Pressler, MD, Ingrid Scheffer, MD, PhD, Nicola Specchio, MD, PhD, Kette Valente, MD, PhD, Jo Wilmshurst, PhD, Elaine Wirrell, MD, and Sameer Zuberi, MD

The 19th Advanced San Servolo Epilepsy Course is primarily targeted at neuropediatricians, neurophysiologists, neuropsychiatrists and neuroscientists interested in the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of pediatric epilepsies. The course is focused on the pathophysiology, the diagnosis and the management of epilepsies of childhood and infancy. Objectives of the course are to understand i) the types, etiology and pathophysiology of epilepsies in children and adolescence, with a particular focus on early onset epilepsies, ii) the pathogenesis of the related comorbidities, iii) the current treatment options, iv) the clinical research methodology applicable to study early onset epilepsies, v) the unresolved critical issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of these forms.


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