18th San Servolo Advanced Epilepsy Course-Bridging Basic with Clinical Epileptology 7: Accelerating translation in epilepsy research

Monday, July 18, 2022 - Friday, July 29, 2022
San Servolo, Italy
Chair(s): Aristea Galanopoulou MD, PhD and Michele Simonato, MD

The main objective of the 7th edition of the Advanced Epilepsy Course Bridging Basic with Clinical Epileptology is to train attendees to improve the critical competence necessary to design an effective research project/activity in the field of epilepsy. The Course is addressed to neuroscientists, neurologists and other professionals with a documented background in epilepsy research. Lectures on general and specific topics will be interspersed with interactive seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions where small groups of attendees and faculty will be involved in tutorials. The main focus of the Course is the preparation of a project on a subject defined and assigned by the Course Directors. Groups of 6-8 students are formed at the beginning of the Course; each group will develop a research project under the supervision of two tutors. The progress of the project will be evaluated daily during group discussions with tutors. Each research project will be collectively discussed and evaluated during the last day of the Course.


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