SUDEP: What To Know and What To Do

In observance of SUDEP Action Day on Wednesday, October 20, we speak with Dr. Elizabeth Donner about all aspects of SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). In this thorough and thoughtful discussion, Dr. Donner explains what SUDEP is, what we know and don’t know about it, how it can occur, who is most at risk, and, most importantly, what people with epilepsy and their families can do to lessen the risk of SUDEP.

Epilepsy… It’s Complicated (rebroadcast)

In a rebroadcast of an episode from June 2019, Dr. Charles Marcuccilli, Director of Pediatric Epilepsy at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, explains why epilepsy is so misunderstood, discusses the stigma around it, and suggests what patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals can do to increase awareness and education around epilepsy.

From Epilepsy Researcher to Epilepsy Patient: A New Perspective

Today on Seizing Life, we speak with epilepsy researcher, educator, and patient Dr. Steve White.  Dr. White has been involved in the field of epilepsy research for over 40 years, is a former CURE Epilepsy grant-recipient and a current member of the organization’s Scientific Advisory Board. He is also an epilepsy patient, having experienced his first seizure in 2010.