Collaboration in epilepsy research accelerates progress

In past reports, we have shared the impact of the work that we initiated in infantile spasms, epilepsy genetics, Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), and post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE). In this report, you will read about some of the new initiatives that we have undertaken to drive progress in areas of need, such as Jeavons syndrome and rare epilepsies.

The key to our success has been the commitment and tenacity of our scientists. They have taken on epilepsy’s most difficult puzzles, motivated by the ability to help the 65 million people worldwide who have epilepsy. It has been an honor to accelerate the careers of young epilepsy researchers through our Taking Flight Award, which has led to discoveries and potential therapies that bring us one step closer to a cure. And we are grateful to our more seasoned researchers who use our CURE Epilepsy and Catalyst grant programs to look for ways to prevent epilepsy, modify the disorder, and develop new therapies.

Just as we rely upon a broad and diverse community of researchers to advance our understanding of epilepsy and the brain, CURE Epilepsy also depends upon a network of people with epilepsy, their families, and the larger body of champions committed to funding research that will bring us one step closer to a cure. CURE Epilepsy has funded over 280 grants, and we are incredibly appreciative of those individuals who give their time to ensure that the point of view of a person with epilepsy is represented in determining what grants we select for funding.

Our ability to fund the amazing research that we do is made possible by all of you who give generously to CURE Epilepsy. One of the primary vehicles for raising funds is our annual benefit held in Chicago. For the first time since the pandemic began, we gathered in person on June 1 for our 2022 benefit and raised over $1.9 million. Whether you have recently begun contributing to CURE Epilepsy or you’ve been with us since our founding in 1998, I want to express my sincerest thanks and hope that you will help us continue the fight against epilepsy in 2023. Through research, there is hope.

2021 Donor List

We are profoundly grateful to the thousands of individuals and organizations whose gifts have helped advance epilepsy research and our mission to find a cure. While space prevents us from acknowledging every donor, our gratitude is limitless. Thank you.


Anonymous (2)
Debra Cafaro and Terrance Livingston
Lisa and Michael Cotton
Shery Cotton
Shalee and Blake Cunneen
GCM Grosvenor
Judy and Scott Leisher – Living on the Go Fund
Ann G. and James B. Ritchey Foundation
SK Life Science Inc.


Bank of America
Ellen Benninghoven and Michael Schafer
Bloomberg Philanthropies
Color Street Foundation
Anne Finucane and Mike Barnicle
Greenwich Biosciences
Joanna Sophia Foundation
Mugar Foundation
Isaiah Stone Foundation
Zogenix, Inc.


Anonymous (2)
Sarah and Paul Auvil
Susan and David Axelrod
Kimberly Borden
Crown Family Philanthropies
The Shurl and Kay Curci Foundation
Development Specialists, Inc.
Carrie and Matthew Garman
Brian and Cindy Gorczynski
Jerome Foundation
The Pritzker Traubert Foundation
Lori Rotskoff and Michael Canter
Select Equity Group Foundation
The Strategy Group
UCB, Inc.
The University of Chicago Medicine


Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Anonymous (3)
Anonymous Fund at East Texas
Communities Foundation
Susan and Stephen Austin
Joel and Lisa Benenson Foundation
Nancy Calcagnini
Eileen and Jack Connors
Scott and Jillian Copeland
Coreander’s Children’s Bookshoppe
Dara and John Corkery
Nancy and Sean Cotton
Traci DeAngelis
The Driscoll Foundation as recommended by Elizabeth and Edwin Hlavka
Eisai Inc.
Karen and Larry Grisolano
Julia and Albert Hofeld
Irish Woods Foundation
Carol Jones and Thomas Hynes
Debbie Kirshner and Paul Heldman

Burks Lapham
Gardiner and Nick Lapham
John Marlott
The Steve Mason Family
McCullough Family Foundation
McKinsey & Company
Randy Mehrberg and Michele Schara
Cheri and James Niewiara
Cozen O’Connor
Mariana and Joe Parke
Stacey and John Pigott
PTC Therapeutics
John Ray
Lynda and Stewart Resnick
Emily Sachs Wong and Thad Wong
Adam Schneider
Suffolk Cares Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Sunshine Foundation
Donald Taylor
Ventas, Inc.
Vistria Group
Whitten Newman Family
Ben and Ann Wolf


Rebecca Anhang Price and
Matthew Price
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Steven and Amy Borsand
Angela Byrd and Eric Weil
Ruoxi Chen
John Clark
Conagra Brands
Kate and Matthew Cooper
The Corner Studio
David Binder Research
John Del Cecato
Scott and Ellen Diamond
Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule
Kay and Karl Fricke
Allison and John Gaetano
Alan and Virginia George
Robert and Mary Catherine Gibbs
Walter and Debbie Gierlach
Howard Gottlieb
Bobby Hardin
Jonathan Hogue
Audrey Holder
Celia and Daniel Huber
Brian and Denise Ivie
Jacobs Family Foundation
Barbara Kelly
Keith and Jennifer Kuells
Liane Kupferberg Carter and Marc Carter
Evelyn Lincourt Charitable Fund
Lisa and Eric Livingston
Daina Lyons and Forrest Claypool

Kathy and John McKenna
Mesirow Financial
Mitsubishi Electric
Elissa and Matthew Moore
Linda Nolten
The Oak Foundation USA
Sharon O’Keefe and Hal Moore
Osprey Foundation
Jane and Todd Perry
Judy Pomeranz
Praxis Communications, LLC
Richard and Linda Price
Joanne and Mark Reynolds
Jennifer and Jeffrey Robinson
Loretta and Michael Robinson
Bettylu and Paul Saltzman
Christina and Zac Schneider
Matthew and Marjorie Schneider
Kristin and Andrew Seaborg
Nancy Shablom
Lisa and Randy Siegel
Richard and Gail Silveria
Donna Stearns
John Stubbs
Vicki Taylor-Roskopf
The Tom Tobin Living Trust
Amy and Gary Vicari
Rick and Cate Waddell
Warburg Pincus
Lisa and Paul Wiggin
The Wintner-Meisel Fund
Tom and Heather Wurzer


Loretta and Walter Anderson
Anonymous (2)
The Apple Lane Foundation
Cheryl Beil
Ann and Doug Benschoter
Susan Berry and Brian Moynihan
Jeffrey Boutilier
Miguel and Kelly Cervantes
Tony and Irina Colon
Jeanne and Barry Donalty
Joanna Edgell
Barbara Fisher
Mary and Gene Gager
Matthew Paul Guenther
Deborah and James Hardin
John Heilemann
Henry’s Heroes Foundation Inc.
Hobbs Family
Janet and David Hyland
Sheri and Mark Jessell
Katherine Jetter
Barbara Keller
Katie Kitchen and Paul Kovach
Elizabeth and Jonathan Koch
Radha Krishnan
Legacy Wealth Management Group of
Wells Fargo
Mark Lichtenfeld
Laura Lubbers
Cheryl Lynch

The Kirsten and Emily Maki Foundation
Carol and Theodore Manley
Kathleen and Doug Martin
Mercedes-Benz of Des Moines
Michelle and Barack Obama
Maureen O’Connor
Lee and Herman Ostrow Family Foundation
Deborah Peacock and Nathan Korn
Joyce Plyler and Mark Horoschak
Julie and Robert Ramirez
Hannah Richter
Fred and Kathleen Robinson
Gordon and Elizabeth Robinson
Dabney Rohrbach
Laura and David Ross
Gene Schoon
Schuler Family Foundation
The Sexton Family Foundation
Rupinder Sidhu
Richard and Karen Solle Foundation
Alan Solow and Andrea Lavin Solow
Chris and Carl Stamp
Jeff Teschke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Urbut
Bruce and Suzette Wedel
John and Cathy Wheeler
Laura and Bruce White
Jan and Kirk Willison


Cara Abercrombie and David Freccia
Michael Abrams
Craig and Heidi Albert
Vicki Alexander
Paula and David Allbeck
Anonymous (4)
Philip Askenazy and Wendy Hansen
Ethan Axelrod and Jenna Kalin
Mike and Liz Axelrod
Steven and Carrie Baum
Lisa and Timothy Bazemore
Terry Behrle-Mohs and Richard Mohs
Chris and Jennifer Bianucci
Alysha Biehl
Barbara Binis
Carolyn and Richard Block
Barbara Brackenridge
Debbie and Tim Braxmeyer
Jennifer and Andrew Broccolo
Barbara and John Buchanan
Miriam Buckley
Buona Forchetta
Steven Casey
Casey Chafkin
Jacqueline Ching Michael
Cheryl and Russell Cohen
Dana Collins
Patricia Collins and Gordon Greenberg
Denise and Vincent Comparato
Sarah and William Cool
Elizabeth Cross Bridges and Jim Bridges
Pat and James Cunneen
Michael and Beth Dean
Matthew Decker
Susan and Robert DeLaurentis
Connie Demkowicz
Yssa and James DeWoody
Kathryn and Andrew Dickman
Betty Dinarte and Houshang Momenian
Kathy and Bob Dodd
Elizabeth and Scott Dodgson
Brigid Doherty and Paolo Morante
Alison Donalty and Chris Hampson
Carl and Sandra Donnelly
John Dote
Michael and Alexandra Downie
Julie and John Dreixler
Robert Durkee
Dweck Philanthropies Inc.
Frances and Louie Dweck
Michael and Marty Dwyer
Lynn Dykstra
James Ellerbrock
Emeritus, Ltd.
Kristin Erickson
Davis Everett
Cherissa and Matthew Fischer
Lynn Fleisher and John Roberts
Dianne Flewwelling
Maureen Flood Rabus
Sally and Fred Flosi
Frederick Ford
Gene Ford
The Fountainhead Group
Rhona and John Fournier
Mary and Jay Fox
Mary Frey and William Bennett
Jane Gannaway
Lois and Dennis Gates
Roger Gay
Edward Gelles
Jane Gerard
Josephine and Alexander Giannoulias
Loretta Glucksman
Patricia and Rich Green
Jane Greenfield
Terri and Gary Grefer
Cory Gunderson
Inna Halperin
James Harding
Arielle Harrison
Michelle and John Hart
Helena Hasselmann
Kerry Hayes
Brittani Head and Sam Simon
Kay Henrichs
Karen Hermelin and Mark Borman
Cinnie Herr
Raymond Hirsch
Douglas Hitchner
Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects
Honey Dew Donuts
Nancy and Tim Iida
Jay and Lorraine Jaffe
Ann and John Jentz
Edward Johnson
Kathy and Arthur Judd
Stacy Kanter and Eric Kornblau
Melanie Karlberg
Jessica and Glen Kaufman
Susan and Jules Kaufman
Harriet Kaufmann
Deborah Kiley
Brian Kim
George Knight
Jeff Knupp
Kelly Knupp
Kenneth Koch
Howard Koh and Claudia Arrigg
Francine and William Krasker
Paul Kurtyka
Stephen Kushins
Diane and Nicholas Lahowchic
Lana and Jonathan Lambros

David and Laura Laslow
Toby and Greg Lewis
Andrew Liazos
Jeffrey Loeb
Amy and Nils Lofgren
Jacqueline Logan and Whitney Magruder
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Long
Rick and Roberta Lowell
Dan Lowenstein and Mylo Schaaf
Jason Lutz
Desiree Lynch
Amy and Mike Macari
Christine Madden
Jean Manas
Martin Marciniak and Francesca Passudetti
Reynold Martin
Caiti and Josh Mateffy
Donald and Kim Matthews
Sophie McCarthy and Andrew Hronek
Rachel McClintock
Violetta and Andrew Merin
Hanne and John Messerich
Deborah and Jeremy Michaels
Mark Mihanovic
Mike Shively Architecture Ltd.
Heather Miller
Krysia and Michael Miller
Janice and Ken Milnes
Cecilia and Jim Molick
Stephen Moore
Cassey and Angel Morales
David Morrisey
Kathleen and John Morrissey
Jean Morton
Jane Moses
Marija Mozina
Janet and David Mullin
Mike Murphy
Beth Myers
Patrick and Sara Nash
Alicia and John Nicholson
John and Stephanie Nish
Douglas and Joanne Nordli
Adam Oberweiser and Melissa Curran
Joy and Kevin O’Connor
Michelle Olean
Dorothy Osborn
Ovative Group
Kelley and Sean Owen
Thomas and Deborah Page
PJ Panganiban
John and Fiona Patterson
Marcy Pawlak
Peter Perkins
Jeff Peterson
Kathy Pick
Charlene and Neal Pickus
Mary and Walter Pratt
Mary and Richard Price
Michael Reilly
Richard Robbins
Priscilla and Russell Rose
Mary Kay and Raymond Rossi
Douglas Rotatori
Barbara Rothway
Liz and Jason Roudabush
Paul and Ann Rutecki
Rob Saltiel
Phillip and Christiane Salvador
John Salvino
Laura Sambrookes-McQuade
Robin Schirmer and John Bouman
Susan and James Schneider
Marty and Jamie Schrero
Schultz Controls Inc.
Glenn Schwartz
Gerry and Miriam Scully
Konstantinos and Alejandra Sereleas
Seven Letter
Donna Severson
David Shames
Suzanne Shih-Umeda and Ren Umeda
Lisa and Adam Siegartel
Douglas Smith
Katharine and Edwin Smith
Lolita and Mark Spiro
Susan Steiner Sher and Neil Cohen
Paige Stephan
Erica and Jed Stern
Robin Stern
Linda and Donald Stewart
Nancy and Stephen Summers
Lauren and Geddy Swager
Robert and Kim Swidler
Turnbull Family Foundation Inc.
Michael Turner
Brian Tweedie
Mandy and William Vadbunker
Nicole and Jason VandeBoom
Robert and Jamie Vanecko
Mike Vihon
Medita Vucic
Claudia Wagner and Don Lebowitz
The Waldman Family Charitable Trust
Robert Waters
Barbara Weade and Michael Goc
Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation
Vera Whipple
Whitaker/Ellis Builders, Inc.
Steve and Kathryn White
Wendy and Scott Whittaker
Connie Wishner
Jori and Michael Witt
Linda and John Woodford
Richard Yulman


Scott Abercrombie
Debbie and Carl Adams
Jennifer Addy
Adnim Foundation
Laura and Brian Agnew
Nancy Andrews
Cindy and Elvin Angulo
Anonymous (2)
Susan and Andrew Arnold
Michael Ascione
Linda and Jesse Averett
Sandy and Karl Ayers
Elizabeth and Steven Baglio
John and Regina Balzano
Nicole Bashor
Bob and Sharon Behar
Peter and Elizabeth Bell
Laura and Thomas Bernhardt
The Billeter Family
Mark Bisnow
Jane Block
Kate Blumberg
Boaz’s Harvest-Zachary Foundation
Mary and Bill Boehler
Helen Boen
Sharon Borsand
Danny Bottoms
Anne Lorene Bradrick
Nancy Brandon
John Breza
Gail Brittain
Tony Bruno
Holly Buckley
J. Kamala Buckner
Robert Bumgarner
Linda Burtwistle
Gary and Mary Jane Cadez
Caesura Therapeutics
Annie Caltabiano
Sara and Bennett Cardwell
Kylene Casey
Daniel Chang
Frank Christensen
Kathleen and Roger Christensen
CJR Foundation, Inc.
Meg and Jim Clifford
Sarah Collins
Kara Conry
Catherine and Joe Conti
John Cook
Cindy Cordova
Zac Corker
Mary and Chris Cormier
Janet and Michael Cornfeld
Stella and Roger Craig
Mary Louise Crane-Ryan
Pam and John Cullerton
Andrea and Richard Danzig
Carl Davis
Shelly Davis Jones
Jennifer DeBower
Andrew Dechristopher
Sara and David Decoste
Ryan DeLoughry
Judith Desenis and E. Scott Peterson
Melissa Devaraj
Jane and John DeWitt
Denise Dodson
Lisa Downes
James Downey
Jillian and Mark Dryfoos
Susannah Dugan
Dean and Sally Duncan
Allison Dunlap
Ronald Emanuel
Greg and Kim Epps
Helen and Michael Evans
Jackie and Bogdan Ewendt
Tom Field
John and Sally Filan
Jeff and Jana Fillbach
Elizabeth and David Fischer
Sharon Flaim
Charlotte and Jeremy Fletcher
Behrends Foster
Alan Frankel
Dalton Frazier
Ross Freedman
George Furtado
Bonnie Garrick
Mary and Pasquale Genco
Sherina Girardi
Anthony and Wendy Gladney
Susan Gold
Gary and Bonnie Goldberg
Cindy and Roger Goldstein
June Golin
Bonnie and Robert Graham
Susan Graham
Dorothy Granata Amado and
Mitchell Amado
Grandview Analytics, LLC
Eliana Green
Michael and Nettie Greenstein
Jason Griffin
Kristina Grinder
Sandra and Jonathan Grindlay
Lis and Rob Grossman
Eric Gunzelman
Dema Hadi
Kristin Hansen
Kimberly Hare
Haley Harrison
Shirley and Thomas Hartshorn
Ann Haynes
Debby Hecht and Greg Stewart
Anne and Bob Hendrix
Lauren and Scott Henkin Fund
of the Jewish Communal Fund
Michael Hennessy
Nora Hennessy
James Henry
Linda and Scott Herron
Chris Hibbard
Patricia and Stu Hobbs
Katherine and Kevin Hooper
Aaron Hopewell
Carolyn Houser
John Huguenard
Virginia and Rich Hyland
Carole and Roger Ingenthron
Gene and Victoria Insley
Barbara Jablonski
Martha Jacob and Richard Campbell
James Jalbert
Deborah and Ted Jamba
Joanna Jankowsky and Andy Groves
Ezra Jennings
Patty John
Johnson Lambert LLP
Ellie and Glenn Johnson
John Johnson
Natalie and Michael Johnson
Skylar Johnson
Cynthia and Jean Joho
Genevieve Jurvetson
Kaplan Rosenow Family Foundation
Linda Kaplan
Jimmy Karalis
Karen Kasch
Anne and Jeffrey Katz
Toby Kaulkin
Max Keller
Tracy and Timothy Kenny

Joseph Kessler
Paulette and David Kessler
John Ketner
Pauline and Donald Kinsella
Clifford and Marilynn Klotz
Knights of Columbus #5671
James and Connie Kolster
Michelle Kropf
Michelle Krupka
Robin Kunze
Phyllis and David Kupperman
Christopher Lamb
Christopher Laux
A.J. LaVallie
Denise Leary
John and Jill Levi
Jodie Levin-Epstein and Barry Zigas
Drew Light
Lesley Lloyd
Constance and Chris Loberg
The Local Grain Company
Jim and Rose Loesher
Elenore Long
Judy Losik-Chidester
Krissy Love
Andrea Lynch
Susan and John Lynch
Lisa and Bobby Maffie
Sue and John Mardock
David Mark and Jeanne D’Amico
Jason Mark
Hadrian and Randy Markowitz
Donna McCaffrey
Janet and John McCarron
Bess-Catherine and James McCord
James McDonald
Alan Mcfarland
Carole McKeon
Lori McMahon
Vicky Mendillo
Carole and Jude Metcalfe
Douglas Michola
Marty Miller Buckhart
Laura and Charles Miller
Dave and Angie Mimms
Bridget Minor
Aatif Misbah
Lisa and David Mitchell
Jaimie Morais
Charles Morrow
Harold and Carole Moskowitz
Navitus Health Solutions, LLC
Paul Needle and Ellen Berne
Linda Norby
Matthew Norquist
Andrew O’Brien
Susan Olsen
Roy O’Neil
Richard Peterson
Polly Piland
Christine Polk
Karin Popkin
Barbara and Clarence Potratz
Richard Price and Caitlin Patterson
Sean Price
Joan and David Pritchard
Maggie Pruden
Joanne Radice-Rahaim
Lindsay Rasey
Patti and Kenneth Raskin
Red Hills Market, LLC
Ryann Redmond
Lindsey Reilly
Maralyn Reilly
James Ribellino
Debra Rigney-Hays
Deepali Rishipathak
Amy Rome
Rommelfanger Family Fund
Michele Ronsen
Vickie Rooda
Jason Rosenthal
Jessica Rosini
Leslie Rutkowski
Paul Sabini
Stanley Sacks
Rhonda Salman
Julie and Bob Sauer
John Scalzo
Margaret Scanlan Brown
Janice Schakowsky and Robert Creamer
Diane Scherbarth
Allison and Brad Schneider
Luella Schneider
Janet Schroeder
Eric Schumacher
Janet and Alan Sear
Patrick Sells
Robert and Nancy Sheets
James Sheridan
Annemarie and Ernest Sherretta
Steven Shindler
Carol and John Showel
Corilyn Shropshire
Tawanda Sibanda
Allyson Siegal
Julie and Brian Sikkema
Jennifer and Carl Simmons
Dick Simon
Harold and Susan Skramstad
Mark Slevin
Michael Slotky
Paula and Richard Sobolewski
Lindsey Sorensen
Tara and Nick Spagnoletti
Daryl Spencer
Augusta and Joseph Stanislaw
John Stathis
Jill and Andy Stefanovich
Joel and Donna Stender
Steven and Victoria Stender
Carolyn Strobel
Linda Strohl
Debbie and Gregory Sullivan
Eileen and Thomas Sutula
Jasmine Swann
Christopher Thome and Colleen Kenyon
Robert Tichy
Emmy Torruellas
Sarah Vandivier
Tanya Vidhyarkorn
Mary Vlad
Jennifer Vogel
Robert Waldele
Jason Ward
Beth Waters
Lynne Watka
Mark Watka
Richard L. and Lois S. Werner Family
West Chester Area Education Association
Susan Westerman
Jason Whaley
John and Holly Whetstone
Jim and Kimberly Whitney
Eleanor Wiegand
Ann Willey
Winona Corporation
Marcie Wolfskehl
Liz and Matthew Worth
Sharon and Lawrence Wsol
Faye Yang
Maureen and Peter Zeller


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