What is EGI?
EGI is an initiative created by CURE to bridge the gap between people with epilepsy, clinicians, and researchers and advance precision medicine in epilepsy. EGI has created a central data repository to hold the genetic data of people with epilepsy. The data (called exome data) will be analyzed and reanalyzed until the cause of the person’s epilepsy is found and findings will be reported back to their doctor. The anonymized data will also be made available to researchers as they seek to find new genes that cause epilepsy and identify precision therapies.

What types of results can I expect from the testing being done?

There are 3 main types of results that may come out of EGI:

  • No cause of the epilepsy is found.
  • A suspected epilepsy-causing genetic change may be found.
  • A known epilepsy-causing genetic change may be found.

Only genetic changes known to cause epilepsy will be reported back to your doctor. While genetic factors play a role in every epilepsy, not everyone’s epilepsy will have a clear genetic cause. Because of this, finding a cause for your epilepsy cannot be guaranteed from EGI.


CURE in partnership with NINDS
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Ann & Robert Lurie Children's Hostpital NYU School of Medicine UCSF U of Melbourne
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